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Membership in Bucks-Mont Collaborative has helped me connect with others who are working to advance a vision for our community that aligns with my own and that of the organizations I serve. It has allowed me to build strong relationships with community leaders, stakeholders and providers that strengthened my responsiveness. I have learned so much about the power of collaboration and working together to address the challenges our community faces, and how that work is important, impactful, and when done together, so, so rewarding!

Jennifer King, Executive Director, The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania

The Collaborative is comprised of 100+ members and growing, serving this community for 34 years, with 14 years as a membership organization.

We primarily serve Bucks County and four regions of Montgomery County, specifically the Eastern, Greater North Penn, Southeastern, and Upper Perk communities. Organizations from outside this footprint are always welcome!


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The Collaborative is comprised of 100+ members and growing, serving this community for 34 years, with 14 years as a membership organization.
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The Bucks-Mont Collaborative offers three Sponsorship options with recognition packages.
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Join! Your Membership Benefits

1Gain access to 100+ non-profit, public sector, and community-minded businesses and organizations in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.
Develop valuable, cross-sector relationships that foster trust, resource sharing, and collaboration. For EDs and CEOs, join peers weekly through zoom as an outlet to discuss resources and needs.
2Gain free, organization-wide training opportunities in community initiatives, state and national best practices, and leading developments in the health and human services field.
The Bucks-Mont Collaborative Training Institute annually offers various trauma trainings through a partnership with premier leader, Lakeside Global Institute, as well as trainings on cultural awareness through Pearl S. Buck International, and Bridges out of Poverty, a national training program offered through Manna on Main Street. With a focus on social justice work, Bucks-Mont Collaborative membership meetings introduce organizations to expert speakers on furthering social equity.
3Learn and network with leaders in developing the Bucks-Mont Trauma Coalition.
In July 2020, the PA Office of Advocacy & Reform announced its plan to build a “Trauma-Informed PA.” As part of this initiative, the Bucks-Mont Collaborative was asked to create the Bucks-Mont Trauma Coalition, leading education, advocacy, and coalition-building efforts in this part of the state. Join leaders and other pioneers in this state-wide initiative! Benefit from the Collaborative’s six+ years of trauma-informed work.
4Be a part of our community’s developing Racial Equity Learning Community!

Deepen personal and organizational learning

Develop an organizational racial equity action plan

Establish an organizational race equity culture

Participate in community action and policy reform

5Participate in collaborative advocacy efforts that yield stronger results.
The Collaborative Advocacy Network (CAN) annually hosts a legislative forum pre-budget season to share concerns and needs with legislators. The Bucks-Mont Collaborative amplifies member needs and voices through support of the non-partisan Montgomery County campaign, Here for Us, as well as the Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition. Benefit from advocacy toolkits, policy education, and other best practices.
6Share your updates, gain resources, and post events and job openings through the Collaborative’s e-news and website.
Timely e-news is distributed 2x monthly to 2,500+ individuals representing members and the larger community.

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