MontCo Anti-Hunger Network

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Detailed Information

In 2014, what’s now known as MontCo Anti-Hunger Network (MAHN) was created to address a variety of distribution challenges experienced by area food pantries. Agencies were not equipped to efficiently share donations that were too large for their exclusive use. Coordinating on the fly with multiple pantries was time consuming and complicated. Different operating schedules and abilities to transport, store and distribute fresh food promptly were among the obstacles encountered.  

With financial support from North Penn Community Health Foundation (NPCHF), now HealthSpark Foundation, some of the leaders of these agencies formed a task force to explore and tackle the problems around large scale, fresh food donations. In a broader context, they also began thinking of ways to increase the availability of fresh food to all county pantries. NPCHF granted the dollars to launch MontCo Anti-Hunger Network in 2014.


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