Lincoln Center for Family & Youth

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The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth (TLC) is a nonprofit, human services, community-based organization that provides alternative education, coaching, and counseling services to individuals and families in the Greater Philadelphia Area. TLC is comprised of five divisions: TLC Leadership Academy (the home of TLC’s trademarked Transformational Education model), School-based Staffing, Coaching and Counseling Center, Victim Services, and College and Career Readiness. These major programs are united under TLC’s mission to transform lives and communities through education, coaching, and counseling.


TLC’s vision is an empowered community of individuals and families with the will and skill to reach their full potential. The Lincoln Center strives to lead in charting innovative alternative educational practices and advancing the accessibility of socioemotional and mental health services by providing mobile counseling through our team of extensively trained professionals. We want every student and client to have access to the resources they need to be successful and to reach for a better future.


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