Bucks for Kids

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Bucks for Kids is the sole source of individual funding for kids in Foster Care. No child should feel they are facing the world alone. They need guidance, advice, help in decision making and a place to call home. This is especially true for children in care and teens on the verge of adulthood and independence. The children we serve have all experienced trauma and loss. With the help of their foster families and Bucks for Kids, they get the support they need to heal and gain their footing in the world and develop the life skills to be successful.

Even more than other kids, Foster Kids need the “extras” often denied to them. Every month, the Foster Children’s caseworkers apply to Bucks for Kids on behalf of individual children explaining their particular unmet need and Bucks for Kids funds the activity or item. Typical Requests include funds for tutoring, music lessons, clothing, beds, uniforms, computers, graduation and prom expenses, college application fees, class trips, and many other “extras” that other kids take for granted.


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